Fix problem _ uart cable not working

Sometimes or some platforms, if you using uart cable, uart is not work. In teraterm, there is no port to connect. In my case, i see device manager. I saw that uart driver ttl232rg-vreg1v8(or other name) is not installed. In that time, you have to install driver.

  1. Go to download page and download driver file for your OS. Download page
  2. Unzip that file.
  3. In device manager, click right mouse on ttl232rg-vreg1v8(or other name)
  4. Choose update driver.
  5. In menu, pick folder you upziped. That finished.

Maybe you can solve, follwing this step. If uart problem is unsolved until now, go to device manager and choose new unknown device. And excute step 4~5.